Don’t get jealous

Syeda Zahra Batool Tirmizi
4 min readAug 28, 2022


Hey guys what’s up? I hope you guys are doing great. Welcome back to our YouTube channel Consultant mindset. Our channel mainly aims to provide consultancy and recommendations on daily life issues. It provides you with some beautiful tips to mend your ways. Jealousy has a bad reputation. It is never used on good terms. It is often used to explain some negative emotions. It is different from being envious of someone. Jealousy can cultivate many other feelings like sadness, resentfulness, and agitation. Jealousy is considered to be the leading factor in destroying relationships of people. In this video, I will give you some tips by which you can overcome this. Before that do not forget to like, share and subscribe to our channel Consultant Mindset. Let us get straight into the video without wasting time.

Trace back the root of it

We often get jealous of other people’s success, and feelings of happiness, and peace. We get jealous of those things which we do not have in our lives. It can either be some scenario that you are having bad marital status with your husband. And at the same moment, you see your sister is having perfect relationships in her marital life. These things can make you feel jealous and lowly. To secure your marital positions you have to find the stem of jealousy. If you are not having good terms with your husband then find the root cause of the bad relationship. Either it would be from your side or your hubby’s side. But to finish the issue we have to cure the problem. Similarly, if you are being jealous of your colleague who is having consistent promotions. But you are lagging. You have not required success yet compared to him. So you start to feel jealous of him/her. This makes you think that you are incapable and incompetent. You are never enough and worthy to have success in life. Just find the root cause of your incompetence. You can either be doing less hard work than your colleague or you are wasting too much time on useless things.

Take action to stop being jealous

We feel jealous of others when we have insecurities about things. In this modern world, jealousy is way more common than to be expected. Rehabilitation from this vicious disease starts with yourself. When you pay attention to others more than yourself. You start to feel jealous and imperfect. For example, if a person is a millionaire and barely has money to survive. Then you will just look up to that man and start feeling empty and useless. You feel jealous only when you start comparing yourself to others. Stop comparing yourself as it will bring you sadness and sorrows only. Give yourself some space so you can nourish and grow well. Stop doing those tasks that bring you sadness and incompetence only. Focus on yourself. When you start focusing on yourself and stop paying attention to others’ stuff. You will eventually get groomed and trained to cope with bad situations. It can also be seen from this scenario that we get jealous of other people’s success without acknowledging their process of success. All we see is the result and we do not care for the pathway bringing all the success. We can shift this jealousy to inspiration. People can get inspired by successful candidates and can accomplish many higher things as well.

Practice gratitude

I have been bringing up gratitude from past videos. Gratitude is something that brings you happiness. It lets you live in peace and serenity. When you start to become happy with what you have already. You become more content and satisfied. You do not complain to anyone about things you do not own. A person feels unsatisfied and discontented only when he looks for things that he does not have. He starts to become jealous of others for having that particular thing. For example, a middle-class person becomes desirous of a rich man’s car. However, most of the time rich people are not what they seem like. You cannot judge a book by its cover. Money cannot buy mental peace and satisfaction. Try to practice gratitude frequently and do not get yourself involved in the wrong situations. Gratitude is something that lets you determine how lucky and blessed you are.

In the end, I must say jealousy is mainly feeling bad for yourself for the things you see in others’ hands instead of yourself. You start to feel jaundiced. You start to wonder why this thing is not for me. Frequent gratitude will help you in draining such thoughts. Construct yourself into a better person. Look up to people and take inspiration from them. This is how you can improve yourself. Focus on your life instead of others. That is all for today, folks. Hope you guys enjoyed it.