How to be a winner

Syeda Zahra Batool Tirmizi
3 min readSep 2, 2022


Hey, guys welcome back to my YouTube channel Consultant Mindset. Our channel Consultant Mindset aims to provide you with the best knowledge and consultancy regarding your daily life issues. It not only educates you about worldly problems but also gives you a good idea to mend your ways. The consultancy on daily life problems is a significant objective of our channel Consultant mindset. Let us not waste much time and jump right into the topic of our today’s video. In today’s video of our consultancy, I will give you some recommendations on how to be a winner in your life. Winning has always been an influential part of everyone’s lives. It not only makes you confident but also boosts your morale. Winning is something that everyone desires but not everyone can achieve it. Because it requires a lot of hard work and effort. Let’s jump right into the video before that don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

Set your goals

There is no point in working aimlessly. People who don’t have any aims in their lives are unable to achieve anything in their lives. Being a winner is significantly important in today’s era because it helps you to move forward. Winning tastes even better when the victory was not written in your fate. For example, you are running a race and there is no endpoint or finishing line of that race. How are you supposed to win that race when there is not any specific point to which you can reach and win? So it is necessary to have aims and goals in your lives for which you can work day and night. Running after nothing will not yield you anything. Set your goals whether they are in your studies or in your career. It will help you organize your thoughts. It helps you remain goal-oriented. Since winning boosts up your morale, it helps you to do even better in your career.

Form a winning habit

Being a winner is a habit and once you taste it you become greedy for that. You can even work for it day and night to achieve the winning title. Although habits are hard to develop, once they are established they remain attached to you throughout your life. But the initial step is always harder. Winning is not as easy as it seems. For winning you have to work more than the rest of the people. Winning always requires extra effort than lots of other people. But when you make yourself addicted to winning you become thirsty for it. And thirst for being a winner can make you do anything. The one thing we should recall to ourselves is that winners never quit and quitters never win.

Don’t be afraid to fail

Some people do not go for winning because they are afraid of failure. But people never get this logic that failure was never a hurdle in the way of winning. Failure teaches you to do even better in your career. Winners are not afraid of making mistakes. But they are self-aware of their mistakes and they try to improve them. Failures are a key to success. One who does not make a mistake can never try anything new. Being a winner takes a lot of struggle and one of them is not getting afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes polish your skills and make you worthy of winning.

In concluding my whole discussion I must say winning was never easy in any era but being a winner earns you a lot of respect and morale. So work day and night to achieve that night as it will give you satisfaction and mental peace. Bye-bye