How to build reading habits in your children

Syeda Zahra Batool Tirmizi
3 min readSep 2, 2022

Hey guys, welcome back to my YouTube channel Consultant Mindset. Hope you guys are doing great. In this video, I will tell you some techniques to encourage reading habits in your children. As we know, reading initiates good habits in children, it helps children to concentrate, makes them eloquent, and gives them knowledge. Reading is one of the essential things in the area of academics. It not only boosts up their memories but also makes them wise enough. Since the part of the brain, Hippocampus is involved in memory formation so reading is the best exercise for the brain. It helps you keep your brain working smoothly. Reading helps you to boost your memory and helps you stay away from dementia because it promotes intellectual property. Let me tell you some ways to develop this habit in your children. Let’s get straight into it without f wasting much time!

Read to your child early and often

Parents should develop an environment from the beginning to indulge their children in reading and stuff. Because reading plays a vital role in their brain development and helps them improve their cognitive abilities. Bedtime stories and reading a story, comic book or fictional book for them will be beneficial for developing their interest. The main concern is that you should read the books of their choice instead of letting them listen to books of your choice. Prioritize their choices on books over your choices. Because when we read a book in which we are not interested we eventually become bored and tired.

Surround your child with books

As I discussed earlier, the environment plays a vital role in influencing a child’s brain. For example, if a child’s parents are violent and more into stuff like music and alcoholism then there is a 90percent chance that their kids will develop the habits too intentionally or unintentionally. Likewise, if the environment is giving positive vibes and is full of hardworking candidates then it will instill such attributes in a kid. If you surround your kids with books at home then there are chances of developing reading habits in them. When you surround them with technology like laptops and mobile phones then they will be more prone to technology. If you surround them with books it will encourage reading skills in them. That’s how it works.

Ask questions and set a daily reading time

When you ask them questions about the books they have read it will develop an interest in them. The major goal is to develop an interest in them. Once the interest is established they won’t be able to avoid it. So we have to sow a seed in them. Asking questions will develop a challenge in them and they will read them carefully to impress you. In the same way, you can arrange rewards for them. After every question is answered you can give them a reward so that they can continue their reading pathway. Rewards are really important and are the best way to encourage someone. In this way, it brings the best out of them. Set a little reminder for them like asking them to fix their reading schedule. It can be in the morning, afternoon, evening, or during the night. In this way, it will become a proper habit for them to read.

Concluding my whole discussion I must say reading is a healthy habit and it helps improve your cognitive abilities and learning abilities as it is an exercise for the brain. That’s all for today’s video. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Bye-bye