How to deal with mental health issues

Syeda Zahra Batool Tirmizi
5 min readSep 6, 2022


Hey, guys hope you are doing great. Welcome back to our YouTube channel Consultant Mindset. Just as we get diseases like flu, cough, and fever, we can also have some mental illnesses. These cognitive issues are those that are never taken into account. We do not consider them a disease. In fact, the literal meaning of disease tells us the feeling of being in an uncomfortable situation. If you are feeling bizarre, anxious, or agitated then you should pay attention to such feelings as well. We only pay attention to infectious diseases. Psychological issues are something that should be treated as well. Many suicide cases are happening these days due to mental health issues. I will state some reasons why people encounter mental health issues and their solutions in this video. Let us get straight into this video without wasting much time. Before that do not forget to like, share and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Let us jump right into it.

Causes of mental health issues

  • Childhood trauma or abuse

According to science, there is some genetic basis for mental problems as well. For example, the mental disorder schizophrenia is most likely to be passed on to the next generation because it has a genetic basis. Other psychological disorders like autism, bipolar disorders, and depression run in the family as well. Diseases with a genetic basis can never be cured 100% but they can be managed with proper treatments and prevention. Mental health issues can arise from various traumas and incidents in life. Consider a kid facing traumatic incidents in childhood like parental abuse or bullying in school. These traumas will continue to grow with him/her till he/she gets old enough to overcome them. Even if they overcome such traumas a piece of them becomes part of their brain and can never be unremembered.


It is something that can arise from losing loved ones in your life. It is the deprivation of your beloved and precious people. People who tend to lose their loved ones unexpectedly or unexpectedly in their lives can have major impacts on their mental states. Just as consider an example in 2016 a native school in Pakistan became under terrorist attack. And many youngsters were martyred in that incident. That incident left long-lasting damage to their parents’ brains. Their children left for education but they never came back. This will become a trauma for other parents as well eventually. Traumas lead to depression, agitation, and anxiety.

Homelessness or unemployment

Poverty is something that can turn your life upside down. Homelessness can cause you to worry more about your lifestyle issues. Hazrat Ali (A.S) “if poverty were a man; I would’ve slain him”. Homelessness and unemployment are related to each other. Unemployment results in poverty and stressed-out conditions. Consider if you are living on rent and suddenly you get fired from employment. Now you have no source of income. How are you going to overcome this problem? Employment is not something that would be given to you in no time. You have to strive for it. Constant worries about these situations lead to psychological issues. And our psychology is related to our physical health as well.

Solutions to mental issues

As I mentioned earlier, mental disorders that have a genetic basis and run in families cannot be treated. But their symptoms can be managed by proper steps.

  • Look after your physical health

Our brain and body are connected. Our body works in coordination. There are proper signaling pathways in the body that are being done by the glands and hormone production. Such as whenever you are happy the happy hormone called oxytocin is produced. Whenever you are stressed out, the stress hormone adrenaline is produced. It concludes how well our body is coordinated in its actions. It is essential to take care of your physical health so that you remain mentally healthy. Getting enough sleep prevents you from mood swings. Eating healthy food instead of junk helps the release of happy chemicals in the body.

  • Nourish your social life

Try to stay connected with your peers and family. It will help you engage your thoughts. It helps in feeling confident about yourself. Boosting morale and self-esteem is also a major step in lifting your anxious thoughts. Connection with peers helps you in a way that you feel protected by their support. You do not feel lonely and stressed out. You always think that they got their back so there is nothing to worry about.

  • Medications and therapies

According to doctors, many medications and therapies are available that can help you in overcoming mental disorders. Therapies like CBT(cognitive behavioral therapy) help you in dealing with behavioral problems. Antidepressant pills and many stress-reducing pills are recommended by psychiatrists to control mental health issues.

In the end, I must say we should not overlook mental disorders by considering them just mood swings. Mental issues are a hot topic these days leading to suicidal thoughts and mental lacerations. We should consult therapists and psychiatrists for their treatment. Early signs should be taken into consideration and should get treated properly. That’s all for today’s video. Hope you guys enjoyed it. bye-bye