How to value your time

Syeda Zahra Batool Tirmizi
4 min readAug 28, 2022


Hey, guys hope you guys are doing great. Welcome back to our YouTube channel Consultant Mindset. Time is very precious. Everything in this world is done at a specific time. It can neither be created nor destroyed. Today’s topic of our video is the value of time. Time is something that cannot be changed. Everything is taking place at a fixed time. We cannot stop or move time. But we can utilize it properly to get our things done. We can use our skills to mold the time according to our situations. Seasons of the year come at their specific time. Similarly, day and night follow the same pattern of time. The cycle of the universe is perfect because everything is occurring at a specific pace. In this video, I will recommend some tips by which you can value your time. Before that don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to our channel. Let us get straight into it.

Work smart not hard

This world is a constantly evolving place. In primitive eras, we used to do hard work but now in today’s era people have adopted smart work. They have established certain ways to accomplish their goals in a short amount of time. We used to do a lot of hard work for specific tasks. Those tasks used to consume a lot of time. We revolutionized our ways and adopted a habit of doing smart work. Due to smart work, we are not only capable of doing many tasks in a small amount of time but we have achieved efficiency and proficiency in the tasks being done. when we overwork ourselves we cannot maintain a certain efficiency level of our bodies. Even the machine needs a restart to work stably. Humans are required to rest a bit as well to freshen up their minds and cells. It’s not that every cell of the body should be overworked and squeezed until its limit is reached. We can just keep on going with the same energy and efficiency levels to keep our things done in a short era of time. That is called smart work instead of hard work.

Plan ahead

Time is infinite but our time on earth is limited. So we have to use it wisely so we can perform better in a short time. We do not know our life spans. We don’t know how long we are going to live in this temporary world. So we should take this fact into account and should perform good deeds instantly. Planning lets you keep organized and managed. By planning everything you can save a lot of time. And that saved time can be used to do many more important things. For example, if we compare that a certain group organizes an event in the college. And nothing is planned. So it will automatically require great time to make things done in time. And it can create hustle and stress at the event as well. So it is thought to plan everything so that at the time of the event, everything goes smoothly with concise time. Planning tasks beforehand means you are preparing for every obstacle and hindrance that can get in your way to delay your task. It goes like this when a human embryo is developing all of its developmental steps are already destined. They do not have to wait and think about which step comes up next.

Limit distractions

Things like mobile phones and social media, television can create hindrances and can delay your task. You should limit their use whenever you are working on your project. It is necessary to keep yourself focused and concentrated. Because whenever you are not focused and your attention is always revolving around the surroundings. You can’t get your task done in time. it will always keep ruining your activity. Try to limit the use of mobile phones. By switching it off. You can evade yourself from constantly popping notifications on social media applications. Distractions are something that not only reduces your efficiency in doing a task but also requires you a lot of time to do it. That means a 5 hours task can take 10 or more hours. Limiting distractions will make you jump into the zone. And the person in the zone becomes highly proficient and efficient. That means a 5-hour task can be done in 2.5 hours. By this, you can value your time precisely and efficiently.

In concluding my whole argument I must say some people focus on doing hard work and even disrupt their sleep for it. However, this is the most false conception. Sleep is as necessary as food. Sleep is important as it keeps you going on. Learn to say no. Because you are capable of anything but you cannot do everything. Strive for the opportunities that have potential. That is all for today. Bye-bye

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