Mistakes don’t define you

Syeda Zahra Batool Tirmizi
3 min readSep 9, 2022

Hey, guys hope you all are doing great. Welcome back to my Youtube channel. Today I will be shedding light on a most common issue in our society. Most people judge us by our actions; they cannot read our minds. Although it is correct somehow that our actions are a true reflection of what is going on inside our minds. But sometimes we do flammable actions. We make mistakes because humans are not angels. They are designed this way by our creator to make mistakes. As we know “To err is human's; To forgive is divine”. I will give you some tips that will help you in acknowledging your past mistakes. So let’s not wait more time and jump right into it!

Don’t become a hostage to your past mistakes

We should acknowledge that we are only humans. And we are prone to making mistakes. Sometimes we make mistakes due to our lack of knowledge. At some points in our lives, we make mistakes just because of our lack of experience. We should not let these small past mistakes consume us. Whenever we make any mistake we become hostage to that certain mistake. And start considering ourselves not worthy of anything. So we should not let our past mistakes eat us. Instead we should acknowledge them and realize that we can improve ourselves by incrementing our knowledge.

A mistake should be our teacher, not our attacker

Sometimes when we make mistakes we feel guilty and we feel attacked. We get attacked that we are not worthy and we can never be able to do better in our lives. We feel degraded in our lives and people start considering us low as well. They start to call us losers due to which we commit mistakes intentionally. When someone degrades us it results in the shedding of our self-esteem. We start to think that we are never enough. Such controlling words have a negative impact on our personality. The degradation of self-esteem is dangerous. We should not let this consume us. Focusing on what you can do is a prime step in building your self-esteem. When you have strong self-esteem no one can dare touch your soul. But when your self-esteem is at a lower level everyone can attack you. Even your own mistakes can attack you. We should be confident enough to embrace our old selves. We should recognize that it was our old selves that made mistakes. Now it is time to move on.

Your past mistakes are meant to guide you

Whenever you make mistakes those are meant to guide you. Mistakes show you the right path. They show you the pathway to refining your old ways. In this way when you learn from your past mistakes you become even better. After realizing our past mistakes we should not degrade ourselves. We should acknowledge that it was our past. And the past should not be brought to the present. Because constant thinking about the past leads to unhealthy decisions in the present as well. Thinking about past mistakes will not make us any better. We should think that at those times we were not wise enough and mature enough. But now we have experience and we are mature enough to make the right decisions.

At last, I must say mistakes are our guides. They help us become even better human beings. We should focus on correcting them. We should work on building our esteems. So that we have enough courage to embrace our mistakes. That’s all for today’s video. Bye-bye